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Take comfort in knowing you can trust your team with your organization’s financial assets

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Gathers detailed records from a credit reporting bureau or agency usually including payment history, credit accounts, bankruptcy notifications, and credit worthiness indicators.


Prospective employers or landlords looking to verify a candidate’s reliability and responsibility with financial matters

Service Overview

Find Responsible And Reliable People You Can Trust

Understanding a candidate’s credit history allows you to better understand how reliable and responsible a candidate may be. It also provides a better understanding of their financial obligations.

These findings can be particularly important when hiring an individual that will have access to important financial resources or when looking for a dependable tenant. Running a credit check will help you:

  • Make an informed decision
  • Gain a better understanding of your candidate’s financial responsibility & reliability
  • Reduce your risk of negligible hiring liability, embezzlement or theft


What You’ll Get From A Credit Check

Credit checks allow insight into how a candidate has managed past bills or credit payments – a reliable indicator on how a candidate might handle your organization’s financial capital.

Credit checks do not report credit scores, however they may provide other essential information such as:

  • Notifications of bankruptcies
  • The candidate’s credit and payment history
  • A record of any unpaid bills held by a collection agency
  • Credit inquiries
  • Names and addresses of current and past employers


What You Need To Know

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