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In order to inform our customers we have provided detailed information about many of the services we offer. If you have additional questions about a specific search or test feel free to reach out and contact us!

Blueline National Plus

The Blueline National Plus is the standard upon which all criminal background checks are based through Blueline Services. Containing the SSN trace/address history information, alias search, as well as a national criminal check, this search allows Blueline to know where to look for potential criminal records as well as know the names associated with your applicant’s address history.

The Social Security Number trace uses the applicant’s Social Security Number to obtain address history information, which is provided by an aggregate of databased information provided by credit reporting agencies.

The information provided by the SSN trace feeds those name variations and alias’ into the National Criminal Search populating records provided by hundreds of databases from every state in the US. Information comes from Administrative Office of the Courts, Departments of Correction, Sex Offender Registries, as well as county court record information from cooperating jurisdictions. This search also pulls from a large list of national security and international sources, including INTERPOL’s Most Wanted List and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) terrorist watchlist.

County Criminal Record Search

The County Criminal Record Search is used to obtain criminal record information from any of the over 3,000 counties in the United States. Record information can be obtained electronically either over a court provided source, or at the courthouse via public access terminals. There are jurisdictions where record information is not electronically available, and in those counties, record researchers are utilized to obtain criminal record information directly from the courthouse. The scope of the information provided is determined by client preference, and limited by state and federal guidelines.

The County Criminal Record Search is utilized to verify potential criminal records found by the Blueline National Plus, or to backfill counties/jurisdictions that do not make record information digitally available. The address history is used to determine which jurisdictions need to be searched.

Federal Criminal Record Search

Federal cases are searched independently of state or county criminal records, as the courts in question are separate of each other. Federal case information is searched electronically from the 94 United States District Courts, and jurisdictions are ordered based on the SSN Address History information captured in the Blueline National Plus. Each district court is ordered separately, and information reported adheres to the guidelines of the FCRA and the preference of the client.

Employment Verifications

Need to verify the previous employment of your applicant? Blueline Services will speak directly to the previous employers provided by your applicant, and we maintain account access with many of the employment database services such as The Work Number, Tenstreet, DriverFACTS, and many more. Each employer you verify is ordered as a separate search, and information can range from basic employment information to DOT Employment Verifications.

Education Verifications

Blueline can also verify the education history of your applicant. Each educational institution is verified individually as a single search. Information obtained can include the dates of attendance, date of graduation, degree, major, and GPA. International educational institutions can be verified at a higher cost.

Personal Reference Verifications

Blueline can contact Personal/Professional references by phone or email, and the questions asked are configurable within our system to adhere to your company’s individual requirements. Each reference is verified as an individual search.

Instant Driving Records (MVRs)

Driving record information is obtained from the state of origin electronically, with results populating within minutes for most states. This search provides license validity, suspensions, and driving violations depending on the state in question, with the information provided adhering to each state’s specifications.

Medical Exclusions Search

Will your employees be working around hospitals or medical clinics? If so, Blueline offers the Medical Exclusions Search, which searches your applicant against federal medical exclusions lists such as OIG, LEIE,, as well as each state’s individual medical exclusions list. The scope of the information provided is determined by client preference, and limited by state and federal guidelines.

Credit Checks

Blueline Services provides Credit checks only on applicants who are working in financial institutions, who will be handling company money or finances, or who will be working in a position where there is potential to commit fraud. An onsite inspection is required for all companies requesting to pull this sensitive information. The credit report information such as civil judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies, credit and payment history, as well as collections records are provided through our platform by TransUnion. A credit score is not available through this search.

Canadian Criminal Search

This is the most comprehensive national criminal background check available in Canada, including both the National Repository of Criminal Records (CPIC) and an additional search of local police records to backfill missing CPIC data. For Identity verification, candidates can either provide two forms of identification, or can complete the eID process involving credit bureau questions. Turn around for this search can be 2-5 days depending on candidate response and cooperation.