Criminal Background Checks

Build a world-class team by running essential criminal background checks that’ll keep you informed & your organization protected.

Search Options


Baseline National Search*


The most powerful and cost-effective multi-jurisdictional initial search, includes hundreds of data sources.


This is our most popular search and a great foundation to your screening program.


*includes all data reporting jurisdictions in the United States, Global Security Watch, Sex Offender, SSN Verification, Address History Search, DOB matching, Person Search, Alias Search

County Criminal Records†


Official and most up-to-date criminal records sourced from local and county jurisdictions


Confirmation of database records; supplements missing jurisdictions on national searches & meets all FCRA compliance requirements

International Criminal Records


Integrated access to most countries in the world


Supplement to Baseline National Search when applicant has previous history in a reporting country

Sex Offender*


Searches sex offender registries and includes photo IDs and registration history


It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?



Specific exclusion lists, if you need it you’ll know


 Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Medical Industry

State Criminal Records†


Hybrid between a database and county search


For states that aggregate county information into one convenient search

Federal Criminal Records


Searches U.S. district and appellate courts for any federal crimes


Complements Baseline National Search by covering federal jurisdictions and convictions

Global Security Watch List*


Searches government sanctions and watch lists for things such as terrorist activity, fugitive lists, international most wanted, and other extra-jurisdictional data sources


Government agencies and organizations may require this specific search for security clearance

Criminal Constant Monitoring


Blueline Services offers continuous criminal monitoring that will alert you of any changes in criminal records to keep you informed of potential future conviction issues


Those dealing with dealing sensitive information or populations

*included in Baseline National Search
†additional court access fees may apply

criminal Background Checks

Service Overview

Criminal Background Checks Are Essential

Criminal background checks can minimize your company’s risk and protect you from liability claims.

By running a criminal background check, you can have a thorough understanding of an employee’s criminal history, helping you make more informed and fair decisions.


Why run criminal background checks?

  • Hire more qualified candidates
  • Create a safe, secure work environment
  • Minimize risk and protect your company
  • Comply with federal, state, or local regulations
  • Help prevent/reduce theft, embezzlement, & other criminal activity


What You’ll Get From A Criminal Records Check

Depending on your organization’s needs, a criminal backgrounds check from Blueline Services can help you uncover different kinds of information, including but not limited to:

  • Felony charges, including murder, rape, theft, kidnapping, aggravated assault, & arson
  • Misdemeanor charges, including disorderly conduct, public intoxication, vandalism, theft, prostitution, & trespassing
  • Any history of adult incarceration & pending criminal charges
  • Arrests pending prosecution, active warrants, & infractions


What You Need To Know

Take a look at some of our screening resources to help you stay compliant. If you have further questions you can see more on our Compliance and Blog pages

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Adverse Action

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A Simple Guide To Running An Employee Background Check

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