Identity Verification

Ensure your candidate is who they say they are by running identity verification screening services.

Search Options


Social Security


Conducted through a credit bureau – includes address history, dates of use and names that have been associated with their SSN. Usually more up-to-date than a person search.


(Included with National Plus)


Social Media Check


Confirm personal qualities such as dependability, integrity and character through an FCRA certified and legally compliant search of an individual’s online accounts.


If the job applied for requires a social online presence, running an evaluation of the candidate’s social network profiles may be beneficial.


Alias Search*


Searches for previously used names by the candidate. Ensuring you have reliable results to make the best informed decisions.


If the candidate has used a different name in the past or is known to use a nickname, having all of the right information can help run an accurate and efficient identity verification process.

Person Search*


Searches public records and credit header data for address history, dates of use, and name variations.


Confirmation of database records, supplements missing jurisdictions on national searches, meets all FCRA compliance requirements

Address History*


Confirm whether the address provided is the candidate’s own.


Candidates that may have recently moved from out of state for employment, running an address history check helps confirm their identity across state lines.

Service Overview

Know Exactly Who You’re Hiring

Knowing who is working for you should be a simple enough task, but with millions of identities stolen every year, it isn’t always so simple.

With Identity Verifications, you can rest easy knowing that your candidate is who they say they are.


Why run identity verification?

  • Confirm your candidate’s identity
  • Reduce fraud & other criminal activities
  • Minimize risk and protect your company
  • Comply with federal, state, or local regulations


Protect Your Business With Identity Verification

From social security checks to alias searches, identity verifications provide the kind of service that’ll keep you informed and your organization protected.


What can you expect?

  • Blueline Services will alert you if we’re unable to verify your candidate’s identity
  • Address & alias searches will allow you to run thorough searches on your candidates
  • Knowing your candidate’s identity can help protect your organization’s reputation & liability


What You Need To Know

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