Volunteer Screening Services

Protect your kids and vulnerable populations as well as your organization

Trust & Safety

Comprehensive Volunteer Screening Reports

Volunteer screening is one of the most important and sensitive things we do. It’s our duty to protect kids and vulnerable populations, and Blueline provides discounted searches to all volunteer organizations.


Volunteer Screens Include:

  • Comprehensive National Criminal Search
  • Sex Offender Search
  • Identity Verification and Alias Search
  • International Criminal Searches
  • Driving History (as needed)

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Why Screen Volunteers with Blueline Services?

Every year we help identify tens of thousands of potential threats to organizations just like yours. We’re here to help keep you safe.

Public Safety

Don’t expose your organization and the people you serve to unnecessary risk. Background checks are your first life of defense in keeping trouble out.

Legal Requirements

Local and state regulations vary regarding volunteer screening. Blueline will make sure to keep you in full compliance.

Customer Assurance

Let your customers know that you do background screening! Research has shown that 65% of Americans feel more safe in an environment where background checks are required.


Protecting vulnerable populations such as children or the elderly is an organizational obligation. If an incident occurs and you didn’t run a criminal history report, you could be liable.

Higher Quality Volunteers

95% of Americans believe in mandatory background screening. Screening will help you get the best volunteers while protecting your participants from violent, disreputable, or predatory volunteers.

Reputation Management

All it takes is one incident to ruin the reputation of an organization. The wrong volunteers can erode your community relationships and financial stability.