As 2020 Comes to a Close, We Are Grateful to Our Clients

Dec 9, 2020 | In the News, Industry News, Uncategorized

grateful to our clients

Last March none of us thought business operations (and regular life) would still be this sideways in December…but here we are!  We are grateful to our clients for coming on this trip with us. So we continue to take precautions and preventative measures to protect clients and employees, while still maintaining the Gold Standard of service you’ve come to expect from Blueline Services.  As part of that standard, you will continue to receive up-to-date information regarding restrictions and/or changes as they affect your operations around the country.  The pandemic has also directed attention towards regulatory issues and practical logistics (changes that may be meaningful), and you can continue to rely on us to keep you informed and in compliance.

A top issue continues to be the ongoing significant delays within the court systems.  We constantly monitor and update national data access and options, while making changes as necessary to return records as quickly as possible.  Some partner clinics and drug testing locations have also experienced disruption to regular operations.  Blueline can help identify and secure alternative drug testing and background check options for any clients experiencing unacceptable delays.

Thank you to our clients for your continued business and trust as we navigate the pandemic’s national disruption.  Without you, there is no Blueline.  This means we have your back because your success and wellbeing are inextricably tied to ours. We Are Grateful to Our Clients.  Hopefully, 2021 brings positive change and mutual growth, and success!


With gratitude,


Blueline Services