Background Checks to Avoid Terrible Tenants (and Goats)

Apr 14, 2021 | Complete Employee Screening, In the News, tenant screening

Background Checks to Avoid Terrible Tenants

Have you had a bad tenant before? Had a recent property manager used background checks to avoid bad tenants, everything would have been fine. Instead, other tenants had to move into hotels while repairs were made to the complex. All because one guy got around a background check.

At the initial meeting, the applicant showed up in a sweet car and was looking sharp. The manager decided not to run a background check on him. That was a big mistake. This guy paid the first month, moved in, stole the fridge, microwave, and the freaking stove. He then moved on to the carpet and wiring. Before too long neighbors started having issues with their electricity. A knock on his door went unanswered, so the manager let themselves in.

The apartment was destroyed, and when the management company went after him for the damages, he showed up in court looking completely different. He went from looking like a wealthy businessperson to looking like a homeless person, including the accompanying odors. His defense was basically that he had mental issues and had claimed bankruptcy. It turns out he had a history of this behavior, which was listed in detail on his background report.

This video shows another bad tenant horror story:

So, since you can never be completely certain the new renters you just signed with aren’t going to turn your property into a farm, run a thorough background check.

Use Background Checks to Avoid Bad Tenants

Check out this article about bad renters. A thorough tenant screen with Blueline Services helps you avoid these tenants. Background checks should be completed on every potential tenant before allowing them access to the apartment. In certain areas, there are strict laws regarding squatter’s rights, making it almost impossible to evict once the person has moved in. Let our team do the work for you to keep you out of these situations. Sure, there are unforeseen circumstances that happen, but most people aren’t going to trash your property. A background check can end up saving you significant money, while also keeping your property in great condition.