the hangover tenant screening

Everyone has heard the stories. Renters trashing flats, stealing from neighbors, selling drugs right out of apartments… it’s not even newsworthy anymore! But for landlords, a single incident like one of these can mean the difference between staying afloat and drowning in bills. So for the landlords and property owners out there, how can you avoid these incidents and ensure that your tenants are going to be a good fit?

For this complex question, there is a simple solution. Tenant screening is an easy-to use process that helps landlords and property managers evaluate if a tenant can actually meet the terms of a lease (i.e. pay rent, maintain the property, and get along with neighbors). These services, which can include background checks, are provided quickly and efficiently so that potential renters are not forced to endure long waiting times or be left without a place to live.

As far as legislation is concerned, landlords are well within their legal right to conduct tenant background checks. Additionally, property owners are allowed to have their own set of screening criteria as long as it is not discriminatory in any way. Remember this fact, because if you are to reject a tenant based on the findings of a tenant screening check (or take action like an increased deposit or co-signer requirement), then you must inform the tenant in writing as to why these actions were taken.

Cost effective and straightforward, tenant screening can be easily managed by Blueline Services. Using things like employment history, credit records, previous realty standing, and a criminal background check, Blueline is able to greatly reduce the risk of troublesome tenants and keep your property in good shape. (Learn other great tips about how to find the right tenants right here!)

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