How Drug Testing Can Prevent Workplace Death

Aug 24, 2021 | Complete Employee Screening, Drug Testing, In the News, Industry News

Drug Testing


Drug overdoses can happen anywhere, and the workplace is not exempt from these problems. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reported that drug overdose deaths at work have increased for seven years in a row.

Drug Overdose Rates Soaring

Drug related deaths in the U.S. skyrocketed 30% in 2020 to a record 93,331. This means an average of 256 Americans died every day from a drug overdose. This surge of overdoses was not unforeseen as drug abuse is a continually increasing problem in the U.S.

The strongest approach to prevent workplace drug overdoses is to implement a drug testing policy for your company.


How Can Drug Testing Reduce Workplace Drug Overdoses?


There are many circumstances in which a company may conduct drug testing. Each of these strategies can be used to eliminate the chance of a workplace overdose.

  • Pre-Employment: This test is used to establish illicit drug use by a potential hire. Your workplace is less likely to have drug problems if applicant testing becomes part of the hiring process.
  • Random: A random selection process chooses employees to perform drug testing. This will ensure employees are following your workplace drug policy.
  • Post-Accident: This is performed after a workplace incident occurs. When a company has a post-accident drug testing policy, employees are less likely to consume drugs before or during work.
  • Reasonable Suspicion: When there is evidence or reasonable cause to suspect an employee’s drug use, this test can be performed. Supervisors must complete a prior training course to report drug and alcohol symptoms.
  • Return to Duty: This test may be used as a condition of a worker’s return to safety-sensitive duties after a company’s drug or alcohol policy has been violated. This will help prevent continued policy violations.

As drug overdose deaths are continuing to soar throughout the country, Blueline is here to protect your company. We can help navigate this sensitive subject by creating a drug testing program that is right for you.