Marijuana Use is Way Up, Testing Shows

Nov 30, 2020 | Complete Employee Screening, Drug Testing, In the News, Industry News, Uncategorized

Marijuana Use

Marijuana use is way up, growing in popularity as it is being legalized in states across the country. The United Nations drug and crime group estimates that there are around 200 million people who used some form of marijuana in the last year. Medicinal and recreational use is growing throughout the country and leads to confusion with drug testing guidelines in legalized states.

Positive Tests From Marijuana Use

In the US workforce, positive tests are on the rise, with an increase of 29% since 2015. The continued increase year over year is telling of wider distribution and availability of the drug, leaving employers struggling to meet federal guidelines and not violate state legislation.

Why should there be a concern about using marijuana? Since it isn’t legal on the federal level, the FDA doesn’t regulate it. Products have no central oversight to ensure safety. There are different guidelines in different states, making the overall manufacturing and distribution largely up to the distributors.

Unwanted Side-Effects

Marijuana use can be a serious safety concern within the construction, manufacturing, and transportation industries. With continued use, marijuana can cause several long-term side-effects that can negatively impact the workplace.  Using the drug can cause mental health issues such as depression, paranoia, psychosis, and several other problems. Users also run the risk of addiction and the deterioration of essential brain functions. All of these side effects can cause workplace issues.

The state legislature sets the rules about testing. When going through the testing process, we can help navigate this tricky subject and make your drug testing program meet the requirements placed on you by the state.