3 Steps to Create an Employee Screening Policy 

Apr 14, 2021 | automated compliance, Complete Employee Screening, Uncategorized

3 Steps to Create

Every successful small business owner (SBO) knows what it means to work hard. Early mornings, late nights, missed soccer games; the list goes on. One thing SBOs will always agree on is that time is expensive. Every minute needs to be productive, while lost time equals lost profit. Blueline Services knows this as well. We started as a small business and are here to keep your small business on the right path. Let us help you with the 3 steps to create an employee screening policy.

Profit and loss are the main focus for most SBOs out there. However, have you looked into what it could potentially cost you in time and money if you hire an employee without running background and drug tests? A single employee from hell can cripple a company by destroying its reputation, its supply chain, and even the equipment onsite.

We know drug policies are important in the workplace, but how do we create one? Here are 3 steps to create an employee screening policy.

Step 1 – Familiarize Yourself With Legal Compliance

There are several laws at the federal and state levels that must be followed when establishing and conducting drug tests. It’s more important than ever before to familiarize yourself with these laws. Working with a drug test and background check specialist is a great option to relieve some of the stress of hiring.

Working with a background check and drug testing provider can make this process as simple and pain-free as possible. For example, with Blueline Services platform, you can order everything you need for your potential employees to ensure they are able to pass the drug screening.

Step 2 – Create a Written Policy

This is where all that research into state and federal laws comes in handy. Make sure you follow all guidelines. Determine if you will want random screenings going forward. It’s a good idea to include any testing requirements when accidents happen as well. Work with your test provider to make sure they are able to handle every aspect of your policy needs. A provider like Blueline Services has all the tools and experience needed to make the entire process flow very smoothly. We can provide all the compliance information you need for the state and federal disclosures to candidates.

Step 3 – Determine the Level of Testing Needed

Whether you’ve just opened an accounting business or a flower shop, you’ll want to test for drugs. However, if the position doesn’t require driving or dealing with warehousing or physical labor, there may be no need for in-depth testing. It’s possible to do a pre-employment screening and be done, only testing in the event of an accident.

If the role is more hands-on, with driving or delivering goods, etc., there are more scrutinous testing options available. Testing a hair sample will provide you with a 90-day window of the candidate, which is a great pre-employment option for a more hands-on role.

Random testing is also great for drivers and those positions that come with a higher risk of injury.

Follow these steps to create an employee screening policy and your time can be yours again.

Reach out to Blueline Services and get started creating your drug policy today. We are here to help you succeed, so give us a call.