Automate Adverse Action Letters!!(and keep the FCRA off your back)

Feb 24, 2021 | adverse action letters, automated compliance, Complete Employee Screening

adverse action letter

Adverse action letters are a pain in the neck, but they represent a CRITICAL component of FCRA compliance.  They are time-consuming, thankless, and often done incorrectly…which puts your organization at significant risk. Automate adverse action letters to save yourself the worry.

Why are Adverse Action Letters Important?

The FCRA wants to ensure everybody gets a full understanding of what and why an individual doesn’t qualify for something.  By providing an adverse action letter to an individual, you are showing them tangible evidence for your decision.

When denying an applicant for employment or a volunteer for a position or a tenant for housing, you are required to follow the adverse action process (which has various confusing steps). With Blueline’s platform, compliance is baked into every step of the process (platform access – record processing – data reporting – automated disclosures).

Blueline’s automated templates are EASY to use and totally FCRA COMPLIANT.  Spend your limited time onboarding your new employee/volunteer/tenant instead of babysitting the compliance process and regulatory risk.  Plus, Blueline has you covered on all other local, state, and federal guidelines, regulations, and best practices.

If you’re not using Blueline for your background checks and to automate adverse action letters, click here and see what you’ve been missing.