#EmployeeFromHell: “She would actually go into the garbage and fish it out…”

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#EmployeeFromHell: “She would actually go into the garbage and fish it out…”- 07 Apr

We sure wouldn’t want to be one of the people working under this #EmployeeFromHell!! Here’s another story of an employee that got a little power hungry.

Brutal Betty

“The company I worked for made home furnishings.

The person who was in charge of us, whom I will call Betty, was a really nice woman when we were outside the office.

Inside, she was brutal. She would yell at people all the time and was never, ever, wrong.

She said you could never throw out any food from lunch that you didn’t plan to eat unless you asked her if she wanted it first. Otherwise she would actually go into the garbage and fish it out to see if she wanted to eat it.

One day, she tripped over an extension cord, fell, and broke her hip. As she lay there, screaming in pain (which I can’t fault her for too much, that’s gotta be painful), we called an ambulance.

Just as the EMT’s show up, Betty noticed some dirt on the floor. So she yells at one of my coworkers, Steve, to clean it up. He says, “No problem. I’ll get a broom” and she responds with, “No. Use your hands.”

The EMT leaned over next me and asked, “Did you guys push her?”

So everyone was super excited because we thought it would be Betty’s last day at work. The reign of terror would be over.

But nope. She was back 3 weeks later, with her leg propped up on a chair and one of those little poles with the plastic robot claw on the end. So when people would walk past her, she could reach out and grab them with it.”

This story was found on Reddit and edited for length and clarity.


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