Fired over a SCREENSAVER??

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Fired over a SCREENSAVER??- 06 Mar

We’ve all had to deal with the occasional #EmployeeFromHell, but what happens when that employee is your superior??

We searched through to find some crazy and funny firing stories. Please enjoy them and we hope they make you feel slightly better about your own job (if they don’t, let’s maybe consider going job hunting). As always, we’d love to hear some of your own stories to feature on our site so please leave them in the comments below!

Fired Over a Screensaver

Today I was threatened with being fired for not having a screensaver running on my computer!

I have tried numerous times to run a screensaver but for some reason they don’t stay running while I’m away. I even had an app running that tries to blacks out the screen, but when the room is dark the screen didn’t look 100% black. It was dark with a bit of a glow still.

Anyway because it wasn’t a screen “saver”, my boss thinks the screen will be damaged and it may get an image burned into it. Even though there was no image displaying! Just a gray glow.

And this he decided was a good enough reason to threaten my job!

I argued that there would be even more light with a screen saver and that the fear of “burn-in” is from the old CRT screen days so it’s not even applicable to modern computers. I’m using an iMac with an integrated display!

We settled on me shutting down the computer every time I leave it, but I still can’t believe I almost got fired for my computer not being able to run a screensaver!


I have worked in restaurants for a very long time and it is always amusing to tease the new people.

I would train them to do the dumbest things like empty the hot water from our coffee machine that was connected to the tap. Then watch them hopelessly pour out pitcher after pitcher of hot water.

Or I’d tell them to go outside and into the cellar to get more napkins and laugh hysterically while they wandered around the building looking for the cellar door.

The best though was this sweet girl named Jess who I made rewind the fans at the end of her shift with a broom stick. I told her each fan had be rewound 57 times before we closed so that they would work the next day.

Unfortunately I was fired for making her do this. I didn’t know she was the manager’s niece!


Do you have any crazy firing stories?? If so, leave a comment below!


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