Reminder: Changes to Federal Drug Testing and Alcohol Forms

Feb 17, 2020 | DOT Clearinghouse, Drug Testing, In the News

This is a reminder for any federally-regulated drug testing clients that changes have been made to the Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Forms (CCF) and Alcohol Testing Forms (ATF).

Old forms allowed the use of either a driver’s social security number (SSN) or employee identification number (EIN) when completing a CCF or ATF. However, now the FMCSA requires that drivers’ commercial driver’s license numbers (CDL) be used instead of SSN or EIN when FMCSA-covered drivers’ positive drug or alcohol test results are reported to the Clearinghouse.

What does this mean for Employers, C/TPAs, Collectors and Alcohol Technicians?

  • In accordance with 49 CFR 382.123(b), the person completing the CCF or the ATF must annotate the driver’s CDL number and State of Issuance in Step 1, Section C of the CCF or Step 1B of the ATF for each FMCSA-regulated test.
  • If the employer or C/TPA does not provide the CDL and the State of Issuance, then the collector or alcohol technician should ask the driver for this information at the collection site.
  • Even if the CDL number and State of Issuance is not listed on the CCF, the collector must send the controlled substance test specimen to the laboratory for testing.


Please ensure that your forms have been updated to reflect these changes. If you have more questions on how this change might affect you please see our previous updates here and here as well as the FMCSA’s announcement.