Salary History Requests are a Thing of the Past

Feb 24, 2021 | Complete Employee Screening, In the News, Industry News, Uncategorized

Salary history requests

Want to know the salary history of your candidates? If you live in certain states, you might be out of luck. In fact, California doesn’t allow employers to make requests for an applicant’s salary history, and you can’t even use this information if the candidate offers it up willingly. San Francisco goes even further, blocking employers from disclosing salary history information at all unless it fits specific situations.

California isn’t the only one limiting salary history requests. New Jersey, Oregon, Colorado, and several more have passed legislation limiting the ability to request previous salary history. Blueline stays on top of the latest regulations and law changes to keep you in compliance, regardless of the state.

Even the federal government is getting in on the salary history train. The Paycheck Fairness Act creates a federal-level ban on salary history. It limits requesting wage history until after the employee has been offered the position and you’ve offered compensation. At this point, the prospect can voluntarily offer you their prior wage history to request higher pay.

It’s EASY to run afoul of the FCRA when running background checks as well, so remember to use the Blueline platform to automatically keep you in compliance through the entire process.

Blueline Services has been staying up to date on these and other changing regulations for years now. Our experience has been keeping you from having to worry about compliance issues, and we will continue to do so. Salary history requests may be going the way of the dinosaurs. That said, we are still going to provide thorough background checks within federal, state, and local guidelines to keep your business running smoothly without any compliance concerns. Check out our complimentary wiki to find more information on Compliance.