Criminal Background Checks and the FCRA

Feb 24, 2021 | Complete Employee Screening, In the News, Industry News

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks are vital, if not essential, to the hiring process. Sometimes you get a “hardened criminal” with a rap sheet a mile long, and sometimes you get a harmless, quirky rule breaker. Case in point: Employer ordered a background check and posted this on Reddit. “He had a charge for catching undersized crabs. (minimum was 5 inches across the shell at the time) That. Dirty. Crook.” From Redditor tealparadise.Unfortunately, they never gave us any closure on that story. Was the candidate hired? How many crabs did he have? Were they all undersized? We may never know.

This is where the FCRA can get tricky, and, like most employers, you are probably wondering how not to run afoul on FCRA compliance.  Luckily, Blueline has you covered throughout the whole screening process (platform-process-data-reporting-disclosures) and across all states and jurisdictions.  As things in the hiring/employment world have been evolving due to Covid, having access to the right technology and compliance platform is critical; especially when everything is moving to remote hiring. By gaining access to a MUCH broader pool of applicants, you need to navigate your expanded hiring pool’s logistic and regulatory landscape.  With compliance baked into the process outlined above (platform-process-data-reporting-disclosures), Blueline has all of your federal, state, and local issues covered.

Check us out and see what you’ve been missing (and get complimentary access to our comprehensive regulatory Wiki).