What’s in a good background check

what is a good background check for employers

What’s in a good background check- 17 Jul

What’s important to include in a background check? Without being an expert on the subject or doing some serious research, it may be hard to know.

Here at Blueline Services, we want to help make it easy. We want you to understand what should be included in a good background check (and what some companies may try to get you to overlook). We guarantee the most comprehensive and accurate background checks available to help you get the best team working for you and avoid any unfortunate mishaps that could cause detrimental damage to you and your company.

As our National Plus Search is the most powerful and comprehensive multi-jurisdictional search available, it is a prime example of what you should find in a background check. It is virtually instant, provides you with millions of accessible records, and is very cost effective.

What’s included in the National Plus?

Some companies charge more for or don’t include sex offender checks, identity verifications and address histories. But our National Plus Package includes this all at no extra charge.

We include:

Criminal Records:

  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Department of Corrections
  • State/County Databases
  • Sex Offender
  • Global Security Watch
  • INTERPOL and many other sources


Identity Verification:

  • Address History
  • SSN Verification
  • DOB Matching
  • Birth/Death Indexes
  • Alias Search
  • Over 300 data sources to help match identity


All of these many different sources and verifications are included to ensure that you get the best most accurate results possible.

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