Don’t let your rights be violated

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Don’t let your rights be violated- 22 Feb

Including information in background checks is very important, but excluding information is crucial as well.

If certain charges have been previously waived or dismissed it is prohibited by the FCRA for those charges that are no longer applicable to be included in a background check report. By not doing this, a fully-qualified applicant could potentially be passed over.

Federal law also says that if a background check includes information that negatively impacts eligibility for employment, the background checking company must provide a full copy to the consumer.

A large background checking company, recently had to settle a class action lawsuit for violating these terms. Plaintiffs who filed the claim said that this large and careless company “routinely and systematically” violated federal law by failing to provide proper service and comply with federal regulations.

Make sure you fully vet your background check provider. A comprehensive and legal background check is never at bargain basement prices, and it is never without professional review and support. Check us out at the link above, we have you covered.

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