Starbucks Under Fire

starbucks under fire

Starbucks Under Fire- 10 Feb

Starbucks is under fire after allegedly denying someone a job based off of faulty background check results. Jonathan Santiago Rosario, the plaintiff, is suing the coffeehouse chain for violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Rosario said that after applying for the Starbucks job in Castle Rock, CO. in March of 2016, he was interviewed and the company then requested a background check from Accurate Background Inc..

Criminal felonies, violent crime and drug-related charges were reported on the background check. The charges were reported to have occurred in Pennsylvania, somewhere Rosario says he has never even been.

Starbucks then sent Rosario a letter on April 20th informing him that his background check did not meet the company’s requirements. By the time he had received the letter, Rosario says Starbucks had already removed him from consideration for employment.

In May, Rosario challenged the inaccurate background check. Accurate Background Inc. then corrected the errors and sent a corrected report to Starbucks.

Starbucks, however, declined to revisit its decision to deny him a job even after several calls from Rosario in an attempt to revive his job application.

Failing to give Rosario an opportunity to dispute the contents of his background check, as Rosario claims occurred, violates the pre-adverse action notification requirements in the FCRA.

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