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Background Checks to Avoid Terrible Tenants

Have you had a bad tenant before? Had a recent property manager used background checks to avoid bad tenants, everything would have been fine. Instead, other tenants had to move into hotels while repairs were made to the complex. All because one guy got around a...

Synthetic Urine Getting Flushed by States

The synthetic urine market was on a tear throughout the last decade. However, over the last few years, it has faced an onslaught of state laws trying to curtail its use. While it is still legal in several states, it is a promising sign that more legislators throughout...

What is an Investigative Consumer Report?

An Investigative Consumer Report (ICR) provides personal and professional reference verification. These verifications can delve into the realm of assessing an individual’s character. Here is an in-depth look at what an ICR is: (taken from an earlier post first...

3 Steps to Create an Employee Screening Policy 

Every successful small business owner (SBO) knows what it means to work hard. Early mornings, late nights, missed soccer games; the list goes on. One thing SBOs will always agree on is that time is expensive. Every minute needs to be productive, while lost time equals...

Automate Adverse Action Letters!!(and keep the FCRA off your back)

Blueline’s automated templates are EASY to use and totally FCRA COMPLIANT.  Spend your limited time onboarding your new employee/volunteer/tenant instead of babysitting the compliance process and regulatory risk.

Criminal Background Checks and the FCRA

Criminal background checks are vital, if not essential, to the hiring process. Sometimes you get a “hardened criminal” with a rap sheet a mile long, and sometimes you get a harmless, quirky rule breaker. Case in point: Employer ordered a background check and posted...

Salary History Requests are a Thing of the Past

Want to know the salary history of your candidates? If you live in certain states, you might be out of luck. In fact, California doesn’t allow employers to make requests for an applicant's salary history, and you can’t even use this information if the candidate offers...

Screening Out Bad Candidates

Ever wonder why background checks are important? Background checks help with screening out bad candidates. Some employers think they are a hassle, not worth the money; but what if you could weed out a potential employee who recently cost another business over 2200...

Why a Reasonable Suspicion Policy is Important

Reasonable suspicion testing can be a difficult policy to create and enforce. Finding good training for your management team is a must.

Why Having a Credible Screening Provider Matters

Using a credible service provider is essential.